George D. Langford, Fire Chief
Laurie A. Adams, President

Gerald Moore, Rescue Captain
William (Billy) G. Shelton, Jr., Vice President

Lieutenant Nick Smoot, Training and Public Affairs

Sergeant Anthony Anderson, Recruitment and Retention
Megan Robertson, Junior Training

Lorita Shelton, Secretary
Patricia Phillips, Treasurer
Kevin Bean, Sergeant at Arms

Board of Directors

William (Billy) G. Shelton, Jr., Chairman
Laurie Adams
Lorita Shelton
Patricia Phillips
George D. Langford
George (Dodie) W. Langford
Barbara Miller
Leon Law
Kevin Bean

Life Members

Clarence Bowling
Ronnie Bowling
Charlotte Crismond
Ronald Holland
Frank Jones, II
Kirby Lamber
George D. Langford
George (Dodie) W. Langford*
Vicky Langford
Ralph Law*
Barbara Miller
Mansfield A. Montague
Tyrone L. Montague
Joseph H. Oyler, III
Eleanor Pitts
Kenneth W. Pitts
Lorita E. Shelton
William (Billy) G. Shelton, Jr.*
William G. Shelton, III
Maurice (Melvin) M. Timmons
Chris Williams
Doug Williams
Kenneth R. Williard
Mary Jane Williard

* - Denotes Charter Member

Active Members

Jeff Birks, FF/NRP-CC
Kathleen Cano, FF/NRP

David Anguiano, NRP

Curt Alvis, MFF/EMT/Instructor
Al Smith, MFF/EMT/Instructor
George Langford, MFF/EMT/Instructor

Nick Smoot, FF/EMT/Instructor

Tyler Williamson, FF/EMT/Deputy Sheriff

Gerald Moore, FF/EMT
Payton Anderson, FF/EMT
Katherine Haller, FF/EMT
Dana Middle, FF/EMT
Cameron Shook, FF/EMT

Kevin Bean, FF

Bailey Birks, AEMT

Anthony Anderson, EMT
Tyler Crouse, EMT
Charles Matheson, EMT
Stuart Kimball, EMT
Ian Hayes, EMT

Ricky Brown, Vehicle Operator

Stephanie Dao, Recruit
Charlie Martin, Recruit

Junior Members

Megan Robertson, EMT
Ashley Nissley, EMT

Luke Shelton
Abigail McGar
Isabella Overby
Sierra Barnett