By leveraging technology that's already in almost everybody's pockets, fire departments across the Country and around the world are reducing the number of fatalities suffered from Sudden Cardiac Arrest by enlisting the public's help. Studies have repeatedly shown that time is a critical element in preventing death, and though fire departments are strategically placed to provide rapid response to all emergencies, Sudden Cardiac Arrest kills almost 1,000 people per day in the United States because nearly 60% of SCA victims don't get CPR until professional help arrives.

Brooke Volunteer Fire Department proudly offers CPR classes taught by our highly-qualified personnel several times a year - training dates are posted on this website and on our Facebook page. As well, Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department offers classes monthly, with information available on their website.

For every minute that passes, Sudden Cardiac Arrest survival rates descrease by 7-10%. Learn CPR. Download the app. Be a life saver.